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"Great counselor. I was lucky enough to work with Ilya for 9 weeks during an intense web developer bootcamp - his attention, generosity of spirit, and willingness to ask unexpected questions helped me keep my spirit strong and focus my energy where it mattered most. Super helpful."

- Dom B. 5-star review

"The time I spent with Ilya had a profound and immensely positive on impact on my career and my life. My inner-critic and stress were preventing me from focusing on what mattered and reaching higher, after a fews sessions with Ilya I was able to raise these obstacles and finally feel at ease with my studies and work. Thank you, I owe you so much Ilya!"

- Gael B. 5-star review

"Ilya is a compassionate, incisive therapist who knows how to get to the root of issues his clients are facing. I had several sessions with Ilya and left finding myself more at ease with my sometimes-unreasonable expectations of myself and simultaneously more motivated to make an impact."

- Jesse G. 5-star review

"I had a few sessions with Ilya last year and I can say with certainty that they helped me with my inner-critic, self-confidence, and sense of belonging. I recall feeling at the time that he seamlessly switched from listening to guiding the conversation in productive directions with positive outcomes. I felt comfortable talking to him, and looked forward to the sessions when they were coming up. Definitely 5 stars, and definitely someone I would recommend to anyone seeking counseling."

- Afaan N. 5-star review

"Ilya is so wonderful at getting right to the heart of the matter. He is a loving counselor who really believes in the power of humans to heal themselves. His presence is inviting, and so sincere. I have witnessed his ability to make such a difference in a small amount of time. I am truly proud to have him as a colleague in this field."

- Arianna W. 5-star review

"Ilya was compassionate, patient, and insightful. I didn't spend much time with him as my therapist, but I his impact on my life at the time was profound and positive."

- Vinnie C. 5-star review

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