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About Ilya

I’m a psychotherapist and I want people to live meaningful, fulfilling lives. I have helped hundreds of people move toward greater satisfaction in their lives and relationships.

My interest in therapy probably goes back to immigrating from the Soviet Union when I was 9 years old and having to figure out another culture and understand how people work. In high school I was that friend who wanted to take the conversation to a deeper level, like all of the time. But now that’s my job, and I absolutely love it. I love making a difference in people's lives, and I love giving people a hand with things they aren't able to talk about with anyone else. Possibly the most rewarding thing is seeing my clients, both couples and individuals, move beyond the things that were limiting them into more satisfying and fulfilling lives and relationships. 

And even though it's very serious work, the process can actually be a lot of fun. I am warm, compassionate, and very creative in the way that I work with people. I freely use a variety of therapeutic approaches as needed by clients. Sessions often incorporate moments of humor and laughter, which sets the stage for the harder things that need to be confronted.

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