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Deep Listening, *NOT* Therapy

Even though I am a licensed therapist, one of my passions is to empower regular people to listen to each other, and that peer-to-peer listening is free of charge. Effective Listening is a craft that can be honed by anyone, without needing to learn anything about diagnosing or treating "mental illness." In fact, I think there is nothing stopping regular people from learning to be just as effective as therapists at healing one another's emotional wounds.

But it's also not automatic: there is a lot to it. Effective Listening has to be systematically learned and practiced in order to gain mastery. I teach the Effective Listening process in one of two ways:

1) Effective Listening Partnerships (Intro Series)

Two people (either you + someone you already know, or you + someone I match you up with) meet together with me (so three of us together at the same time) for a series of 9 sessions via Zoom. Sessions are 90 minutes total. In addition to this, both people agree to meet with one another 1-1 for up to 60 minutes (without me) every week to practice what we are learning in the 90-minute sessions.

2) Effective Listening Groups (Intro Series)

Five to Seven people (could be people you already know, or people I bring) meet every other week for 2 hours, for 9 meetings. In addition to this, group members agree to meet with one another for weekly 1-1 sessions of up to 60 minutes total.

Once you've finished being introduced to the Effective Listening method in one of these two ways, you will be able to expand your Effective Listening network and connect with others who have been introduced to this process. An Effective Listening social network for people who are familiar with this process is emerging out of this work, where people are able to readily access an Effective Listening ear. My mission is for anyone in need of listening to be able to get it when they need it.

If you're interested in learning more, don't hesitate to reach out!

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