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Couples Therapy

Relationships are some of the most enriching things in life, but they’re also some of the most challenging. I've seen couples work extremely hard and grow enormously from couples therapy. Sometimes all that's needed is a small shift for a relationship to sail beautifully, and sometimes we need to dig deep into painful and uncomfortable territory, but the work is well worth it. I've witnessed over and over how the source of struggle for a couple becomes a source of strength in the long run.

When we fight, our brains are activated and insights we had when we were calm don't do us any good. In a therapy session I am going to go into the trenches with you - it's not about lecturing, it's about experiential learning.

When you solve old problems in new ways in the therapy office, those solutions stick. My goal is for you to move toward functioning well together as quickly as possible, so you can be sources of strength for each other in an ongoing way.


To read more about the approach I use with couples, visit the PACT website. And don't hesitate to contact me about your unique situation to see if I could help.

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